in.cube8r gallery presents I See You, a group exhibition focussing on portraiture.

Lovers, Idols, Heros. I See You is an exhibition creating a window to the soul. Artists are asked to provide portraits of the subjects they care about, be they those they hold dear, or those they idolise completely.

Instant Orange Crush is inspired by sun worship, the beach sunsets of oversized 1980s wallpaper posters and the overblown pop love songs by empowered diva heroines of the same decade. It explores the nostalgia we feel for past loves through rose tinted sunglasses and questions the idea that nothing gold can stay.

Instant Orange Crush
[Stay Gold series]
Acrylic on canvas (unframed)
50.5 x 50.5cm

1-13 March 2018

in.cube8r gallery & emporium, 321 Smith Street, Fitzroy