I WILL PREVIVE [A Side Serve Of Stones] diary extract, 28 July 2017

N-N-NINETIES OUTRO series (2017)

“We’re going round in circles. Tell me, will this déjà vu never end? ~ Spice Girls

So here’s a story from A to Z. You wanna get with me? You gotta listen carefully. I got M in the place who likes it in ya face. I got R like MRI. Say why why why? And as for me, ah you’ll see… Yep, we’re still trapped in the N-n-nineties here and it’s 24 hours until slam your body down and zigazig-ah!

Last time I checked there are 3 possible outcomes to this Saturday MRI situashun.

1. Stones are moving up and down in bile duct = surgery required, cry.

2. Stones are stuck in bottom of bile duct = surgery required, cry.

3. Stones have passed through cut made in the bile duct during botched op and are nowhere to be seen = breathe deeply and laugh head off/cry.

Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want: I want a conclusion. A poetic one. I don’t want every girl’s worst nightmare. I’ve had enough spice in my life and I just don’t need anymore original content. I only need an ending. When I think about the possibility of more surgery I’ve actually only got two words and they are ‘I’ and ‘can’t’. Bad, isn’t it, to feel like this, especially on a Friday? But to my 7 week smashed relief/credit I have been able to distract myself every single day. In fact I don’t know any other way of existing these days. So, once again I say to y’all, c’est du déjà vu: say a prayer for me, hasta mañana, viva forever.”


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July 28, 2017