SYD THA KYD (2017)

I WILL PREVIVE [The Book Of Baps] diary extract, 10 May 2017


“The mummy on the bus say tummy ain’t right, tummy ain’t right, tummy ain’t right. The mummy on the bus say tummy ain’t right, all day long. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s really getting to me now and I just want the pain show to be over. I don’t think I remember normal and I’m sure my tummy is acting as a TENS machine for the discomfort in my baps because I hardly even notice those new things! Tummy is giving me a horrible headache. Involuntary stress twitch is back in left eye. Right arm still dodgy. Pourquoi moi??? It’s all very galling (a very bad jeu des mots for anyone speaking Franglais). I’m seeing Dr. Gallstones in two weeks. This morning I won’t get breakfast (it’s the second fasting Wednesday running) but a dollop of radiation via a CT scan instead. Yum yum bubble gum. Then I’m guessing Lady Doc will call me with all the test results later this week. Please let it only be gallstones! What AM I going to talk about when I start feeling well again?! It’s a complete mystery. So here my grumpy homegirl. She looks a lot like me at the moment. It’s Syd Tha Kyd. She walking the tightrope in your circus.”


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May 10, 2017