I WILL PREVIVE [Intro] diary extract, 17 August 2016

THE INBETWEENERS series (2016)

“Where do I start, where do I begin? This last week has been a bit of a vacant blur. I said I wasn’t napping anymore. I lied; yesterday I knocked off 3 hours. Florence said to me in the car this morning, “Mum, are you thinking about your next sleep?” She hit the nail on the head and I had to laugh.

So I’m summoning all my energy for a check-up and expander “chat” (saline or air, saline or air???) with the plastic surgeon this morning at The Vanilla Sky Hospital, as I’m now calling it because of its sci-fi flavour. I have watched both English and Spanish versions of that film (Abre Los Ojos) and it truly messed with my mind. Both times. I didn’t have a clue what was going on but now I do think I have some understanding of what a lucid dream is.

So here’s the sensuous Penélope Cruz for your hump day.”


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August 17, 2016