I WILL PREVIVE [A Side Serve Of Stones] diary extract, 14 August 2017

N-N-NINETIES OUTRO series (2017)

“All the pictures on the wall serve only to remind you of it all. ~ Paul Weller.

Monday’s sky said blue, the sun said yellow and the dashboard said 21 degrees. On the drive to spend my penultimate day in the Reservoir, my Holy Man from ’94 jammed that a 5th season was all around. He sang of sunflowers, fresh cut grass and golden rain, of chasing dreams across oceans and wheat fields, of magic carpet and sailboat rides, of slipping away on the tide, of angels on your side and silver teardrops in your eyes, and of life’s sweet perfume, all in the shadow of the sun.

Well, he did something to me deep inside as I thought about time passing over broken stones out of the sinking at the whirlpool’s end. And I know I’m going to find my way out of the wild wild wood. I know just where I am blowing, I am getting to where I should be going. I’m a changingwoman!”


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August 14, 2017