NOMAD (2017)

I WILL PREVIVE [A Side Serve Of Stones] diary extract, 22 August 2017

N-N-NINETIES OUTRO series (2017)

“I wanna give you a place to release your feelings, a starbeat rhythm with a standard meaning, a word and a message with a lot of emotion, with total dedication and a lot of devotion (I wanna give you devotion). ~ Nomad.

It’s my first day (as I see it) in my new ‘home occupation’ as a fully devoted fine artist and I choose to sing these wise dance-hip-house words by an early N-n-nineties nomad. ? I’m singing them at the top of my big mouthed voice on a podium in the dark with flashing strobe lights all around. And it all makes total sense to me!

I’ve got no more medical appointments to go to, no cold Reservoir to drive to, no people to chat to in the home office but I do have this and it’s my arty biz mantra, “Stories & Memories”. I think you know how it goes.

Last night there was a program on TV called ‘This Time Last Year’ which I actually had the chance to be on. I’m just imagining now how this past year would have translated into televised viewing if I’d taken part. Hahaha. I have to laugh otherwise I’d have a breakdown! Somehow I think the story is better told here. So, here we go… forwards, onwards, upwards into nostalgia! I wanna give you devotion!!!”


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August 22, 2017