I WILL PREVIVE [The Book Of Rocks] diary extract, 10 September 2016

HOME DISCO series (2016)

“Can you feel it? Good question, Michael! The answer is twofold: yes and no.

On the inside of my chest it doesn’t feel very nice, especially after a long night without pills. It feels a lot like warm poured concrete into creaking, crunchy bags of hard plastic – about a B cup’s worth. The expanders are sitting behind my chest wall as there is no tissue left to support them. They cut the pectoral muscle a bit and “excavated” to get them in. On the outside I can’t feel much, as there are few nerves left, just a pressure to the touch. I’ve noticed that the left boob has a lot more feeling than the right one, and for a lot closer in towards the nipple. The nips themselves are amazing (maybe because I blessed them?) and doing such a great job at staying alive! They seem to be reacting normally even though I can’t feel them. The scars run under them and out to the side and are minimal. Going forward daily massage is meant to encourage the return of sensation so we’ll see about that! Checking in with team Plastic Fantastic on Tuesday.”


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September 10, 2016