I WILL PREVIVE [The Book Of Rocks] diary extract, 21 October 2016

THE INBETWEENERS series (2016)

“My track record with keys is not great and I can often also be quite dumb. It’s true. Yesterday was one of those perfect blue-skied days, “a good drying day” as it were, and it would have been mad to drive anywhere you could walk. I’m not using a bag much (a bit heavy) so just wallet, phone, keys in my hands/pockets. What could possibly go wrong?! Still, I managed to lose my keys on the way back from the shops. The outside spare was with my interstate father. Uh-oh. Start to panic self. I was standing there without a plan B and nothing but a rubber heel.

I could never understand all the fuss about Marilyn but at Easter we met properly at Bendigo Art Gallery. I had thought, “Marilyn: meh.” I just wanted to see her vintage clothes. She seduced me in under 5 minutes. So I bought a keyring of her face to remember her by but I’ve had no reason to draw her until now. The lovely man who found my keys has apparently also posted her face on Facebook and the police station called my work (another identifiable keyring I own) who called me to tell me to shift my body right back up the hill and collect them. All fairly embarrassing and very exhausting. Don’t worry, I’m used to it but there are just too many hills in this town for that kind of bunkum! Fortunately for me it has kickstarted a new drawing brainwave.”


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October 21, 2016