Light Years, December 2020

LIGHT YEARS is a double portrait of Nihal (80) and Theo (4) and explores past and present through three relationships: father-daughter, mother-son and grandfather-grandson.

For the daughter, Nihal has been kind and loving man – a rock, a comfort and a driving force in her life. For the mother, Theo is a precious gift, ‘embryo no. 14’, and the love of her life after many years of anticipation. Together, father and son have brought her infinite joy and light under one shared roof.

However, Nihal’s cognitive decline means that the moments of connection are rare between grandson and grandfather in this space, so there is simultaneous distance and closeness between the two. This one special moment captures both the good times and the memories of better days. A gift for Nihal on Christmas Day.

Acrylic on canvas
76×101.5cm (30×40″)
December 2020