KUČKA (2017)

I WILL PREVIVE [The Book Of Baps] diary extract, 24 May 2017


“One of my favourite things in life at the moment is walking the rugrats to school and childcare. I haven’t done much of it lately for reasons such as: too unwell, foul weather or medical appointments first up. I love walking somewhere over driving. I always have. Exeter hills, Eltham hills, same same. You see so much more on foot than from behind the wheel. You get that great big rush of energy and clarity. You get to be present. And that’s especially true this week where autumn is at its most magic – in the air, in the colour, in the light – and guess what? It all comes for free.

Everyone bangs on about being in the here and now. Whateva… It’s virtually impossible to do all of the time. We all know that. Even keeping a diary has its limitations. You reminisce about the past, you imagine the future, you can’t live exclusively in today. I mean a diary does help to ground you but you will always travel. The only thing you can do is just appreciate those precious things you love NOW, NOW, NOW, and not save them all for later.

After staying up to watch yesterday’s news of innocent children, many of them young girls not much older than mine, being so horribly injured and taken too soon from this world when they were out having fun, I know that I will hold my big girl’s hand a bit tighter this morning on our walk-skip to school together. I will listen closely as she shares her secrets with me. I will be in the now with her. So here my cosmic homegirl. It’s Kučka. She walk with me.”


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May 24, 2017