You are (Miss) Universe and there ain’t nothing you can’t do. If you conceive it, you can achieve it, That’s why I believe in you, yes I do. You’re a winner so do what you came here for.” ~ The Brand New Heavies.

When I moved to Melbourne in 2005 I started my first job for a fabric wholesaler to the interior design industry the day after the Melbourne Cup. I didn’t know what the Melbourne Cup was and I’d certainly never heard of Jennifer Hawkins, Straya’s answer to Miss Universe 2004.

One year later, I knew every single fabric in that showroom, I knew who she was and I had made some friends who generously took me to the Melbourne Cup in the cold, wind, rain and hail. (Melbourne’s weather is like a box of chocolates for those with no experience.) It was the coldest one ever but I got lucky and backed the winner (Delta Blues) and suddenly I found my British beer coat.

There Jen was, on the big screen, dressed by Alex Perry in the most beautiful Christian Fischbacher floral silk. IT WAS MY FLIPPIN’ SILK!!! From the showroom! And that was my short, sharp introduction to fashuns on the field and the Spring Racing Carnival. A few months later I actually passed Jen by on the jetty of Moreton Island but mistook the milling throng around her for a disorderly queue to the boat. Oops. Poor ways of seeing.

So here you go, no trending crown headpieces here today since I do like to live in the past. It’s a 2006 flashback to the pretty in pink, big hatted Myer ambassador and Straya’s top model. I do hope y’all back y’all a winner! I feel lucky-unlucky as usual.

The Melbourne Cup

7 November 2017


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November 7, 2017