[STAY GOLD series]

Acrylic on canvas

30 x 30cm

November 2018

SOLD February 2019

12×12 Exhibition
Image by The Stockroom Gallery

I-AM-O-PEN-D explores the chemical link between music and emotion. Dopamine is often called the ‘motivation molecule’ because it provides the drive and focus needed for productivity by operating on repetition, memory and attention. The human brain surges with dopamine when listening to the favourite moments in songs which results in feelings of reward and pleasure.

Allegra, meaning joyful, from the musical term ‘allegro’, is holding a golden pen as she listens while the bubbles of dopamine froth through her body and trigger creativity. I Am Open’d is one to unscramble!

Exhibited at 12×12, The Stockroom Gallery, 355A Wellington Street, Clifton Hill VIC 3068, 12-23 December 2018.

Opening night, 12 December 2018
Image by The Stockroom Gallery