I WILL PREVIVE [The Book Of Rocks] diary extract, 9 October 2016

DAD’S IN DA HOUSE series (2016)

There are no Stones without Beatles, obviously. I asked Dad for his favourite song and Beatle and I got I’m Looking Through You and George Harrison. He accused me of making George look like a woman here. And I thought, well, he does look a bit feminine but you lot were all poncing about with long hair so whose fault is that?! Only the introduction of various facial hair set you apart.

A few days ago I weaned myself off 6 more pills and over the last couple I have NEARLY FORGOTTEN to take the remaining 7. Praise the lord, I think the physical pain has finally stopped!!! The rocks look good but don’t feel like part of my body, more like a very uncomfortable, tightly laced, lumpy whalebone corset. But as things are looking up where drugs and more sunshine is concerned I’m going with my fave, Here Comes The Sun. And while I’m in a 24 hour period of name dropping, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills (when still hitched obvs) stood behind me on the escalator to check-in when I was working for Eurostar. So ner.


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October 9, 2016