I WILL PREVIVE (Side Serve of Stones) diary extract, 13 August 2017

N-N-NINETIES OUTRO series (2017)

“Vous ne me ferez pas l’injure de la jouer, de me la jouer jusqu’au bout. ~ Françoise Hardy.

And it looks like we might have made it. Yes, it looks like we made it to the end. ~ Damon Albarn.

Well, girls and boys, here we are nearly at the end of a century with a beautiful Franco-Anglo duet. Check it out if you missed it in ’95. I’m not actually sure I want to leave the N-n-nineties yet… it’s got kinda nice and cosy. But I should really get off the sofa in my country house, cut down on my porklife and get some exercise! I think I’m just a few weeks off finding my mojo and the good news for half a French person is that I can eat and drink everything. Oui, TOUT! Even poisson-frites. And I haven’t been holding back. C’est supercool. Damon’s looking a little blurry – I wonder if he had a badhead this morning after too much Disco 2000 last night. I guess he can sober up in time for tomorrow. Yes, we’re back round to Monday, girls and boys!”


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August 13, 2017