I WILL PREVIVE [The Book Of Rocks] diary extract, 29 November 2016


“La voilà enfin! Here she is at last! The archetype of Gallic beauty, as perceived by the French: actress, Catherine Deneuve. Her classic, flawless features and acting roles as ice-cool, aloof beauties have awarded her a reputation as the ultimate woman to aspire to. A 10 out of 10 you might say, even when not dressed up to the nines. The French say she’s truly something special and just what dreams are made of.

Her image was considered perfect enough to be used to represent Marianne, the French national symbol of liberty, from 1985-89, whose face is prominent everywhere throughout France. (Brigitte Bardot and Laetitia Casta were also models for Marianne.) Catherine Deneuve speaks fluent French, Italian, English and German and when her face was used to promote Youth Garde cosmetics she famously said, “Look closely. Next year I will be 40.” I can’t imagine what it must be like to be perceived as perfect! I’ve got plenty of physical and emotional flaws so this concept makes me want to laugh out loud. Or cry. I’m never sure which. Of course we are all flawed – no-one IS perfect – but once again we are back to those pesky ways of seeing.

So pour yourself a glass of Flawless by The Ones and drown your sorrows in your very perfect imperfection.”