I WILL PREVIVE [The Book Of Rocks] diary extract, 2 October 2016

THE INBETWEENERS series (2016)

“A fifth trip out since surgery this weekend and a first *LATE NIGHT* (11pm – OMG – woo!). Goals. The destination of choice was chick flick medicine, “Bridget Jones’ Baby”, which made me laugh so much my rack hurt. You definitely won’t be able to say the same. The labour scene in particular hurt me a lot. I’m sure the other cinema goers were listening to my big mouthed (and my mouth is massive) cackle thinking, “It’s really not THAT funny. Who IS that woman that doesn’t get out much???” So on the recurring theme of plastic I thought I would draw Renée Zellweger (Bridget) pre-plastic surgery because otherwise you’d walk on by! Hopefully people are still going to recognise me in the street. I look the same on the outside even if I feel horrible on the inside.

It was strange to see ageing 40-something protagonists on the big screen and a bit unnerving to completely identify with sloshing a glass of wine around the house to “Jump Around” on the soundtrack. I wish I could drink one. I already feel tired from daylight savings as it’s not even 7am yet in old money!!!”


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October 2, 2016