From the early morning rise of the sun, full of promise and optimism, fields of gold that bring prosperity and security, and glistening waters at sunset, the golden hues within our world warm our souls and fill us with joy. Within the arts, gold has inspired many. From golden idols fit for the gods, magical golden hours and illuminated manuscripts, to legends and fairy tales and the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Gold can be a symbol of affection or commitment between loved ones, a treasured possession passed down through generations or used simply as adornment, bringing sparkle to the everyday.

GOLD exhibition runs in the Long Gallery, Montsalvat Arts Centre, 7 Hillcrest Avenue, Eltham, VIC 3095, 27 September – 22 October, and is open 10am-4pm Wednesday to Sunday. Entry is free.

Join us on opening night, Friday 28 September, 6.30-8.30pm to celebrate all that glitters.
Don’ts For Wives, Acrylic on Canvas, 51x41cm, 2023

“Art is a hard mistress, and there is no art quite so hard as that of being a wife. So many women exhaust their artistic power in getting married, which is, after all, a comparatively easy business. It takes a perfect artist to remain married.” Blanche Ebbutt, Don’ts For Wives, 1913

Goldinfinity, Acrylic on Timber Board, 40x40cm, 2023

Long before the fashion runways of Rodarte, my mother had a vivid hallucination on morphine while in hospice care. As she came to the end of her life, an invisible writer spelled out GOLDINFINITY in a gilded hand on the wall and beautiful young girls dressed in roses and gypsophila (baby’s breath) approached. She had returned to her faith. Was this her glimpse of a golden infinity?