OPENING : Thursday 24 January 2019, 6-8 pm.

EXHIBITION : Wednesday 23 January – Sunday 3 February 2019

GROUP SHOW: Femina Extravaganza

The contemporary society and culture still fail to differentiate femininity from womanhood, and female from woman. The sociocultural framework rather creates visual imagery and textual discourse to enforce ‘femininity and womanhood’ as well as ‘female and woman’ as embodied identities into certain bodies.

This discourse further creates exclusivity to cast aside any other bodies that are willing to identify as ‘woman’ or live their lives through the ‘womanhood’. The victims who suffer from this power system often stand in these conflicted zones of woman as ‘embodied identity’ vs ‘gendered identity’.

This exhibition explores the body as a site of struggle, consumption projected to media/society/culture, and further investigates ‘femina’ as an extraterritorial space that can embrace those bodies that identity as female but not woman, or as woman but not female; those bodies that have lived through femininity but not womanhood, or through womanhood but not femininity.

Curated by : Ellen Yeong Gyeong Son


Avan Anwar
Amanda Wells
Ana Hanson
Ashlea Bechaz
Aneta Bozic
Bec Yule
Bom Cherdsak
Baaqiy Ghazali
Brooke Van Der Linden
Bambi Johnson
Briellen Feeney
Clyde CK
Claire Needham
Caterina Leone
Cathy Speed
Damaris Rey
Daisy Mak
Erin. P. Dickinson
Grace Helena Pavey
Gail Harradine
Grace Ware
Jess Lovell
Julie Milton
Julia Novella
Jade Burstall
Katrina Ginis
Kirsten Dunkley
Lauren Johnston
Leah Hume
Leah Mariani
Lucy Foster
Manda Jean
Natalie Lawson
Nani Puspasari
Paula Maggs
Pascale Garlinge
Rhiannon Henkel
Sue Llewelyn
Thao Nguyen
Tim Coleman
Yara Nuria Ueltschi

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95 Johnston Street, Collingwood 3066
Wed-Sun 12:00 – 5:00 pm

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